Hello there! Thank you for stopping by at Indigo & Rust where the kettle and coffee pot are always on. Please fix yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and join us as we introduce ourselves.

We are a mother-daughter team of inspired creatives who had the privilege of living on three continents between the two of us. On most days, we can be found in our studio obsessing over the vintage finds we are working with, brainstorming for a new collection or on one of our favorite running trails. Together, we present as a spirited medley of personalities and perspectives -- a free-spirit meets a Type A -- but our ideals and goals merge seamlessly to create this agency which embodies our collective vision.

All our antique and vintage items are lovingly curated by us and we always do a little happy dance when these pieces head out to new homes where they will be cherished for years to come. Our team also designs the accessory and apparel collections and works with our artisan partners to bring them to life. We, as a business, are committed to creating lasting relationships by trading fairly with our suppliers and artisans. As a conservation specialist and green living enthusiasts, we strive to align our personal values with business by working with cruelty-free sustainable materials and fostering I&R community where we all can share, learn and grow.

Indigo & Rust is an ode to all the free thinkers out there who embrace the contradictions that life has to offer as they chart their own course. Our globally inspired collections celebrate the people, culture and craft of the lands we called home and also reflect our shared love for all things fresh, earthy and the whimsical. We hope our original and eclectic pieces call on you to mix patterns, play with colors, break the rules and creatively expand the boundaries of your own style.